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Crossroad Farms

Our Family Farm. Your Family Table.
Old Fashioned Milk, Home Raised Beef, Food you can Trust.
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Meet your Farmers:

Crossroad Farms is owned and operated by Holden and Alison Midkiff. A first Generation Farm Family, Driven to provide our community with food "the way it used to be." For over 10 years we've been perfecting our craft, bringing you the best milk, eggs, and meats that you can trust. 

Read more about the farm’s story here.

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What Customers are Saying

My entire family (including 3 small humans) has been loving our weekly delivery from Crossroads Farm for almost a month now! We try and avoid plastics as much as possible, and the glass bottled FRESH milk has been a dream come true. We also have enjoyed the eggs, veggies, apple sauce, apple cider, apples, brisket, hamburgers, and roast with no complaints from anyone (which is huge deal with those 3 small humans). Trust us it’s all good, give them a try!!!
Have been ordering from crossroads farms for the past month now. They have a variety of products as well as great prices. My family really enjoys the farm fresh milk. If you have not tried it I highly recommend it.
Bringing the best of the farmer's market direct to your door! I am so happy with the produce, dairy, and meat products from Crossroad Farms and I love love love that it's delivered. The milk is the best you've ever tasted, the veggies are fresh, and the meat is local. It's hard to do better ethically, environmentally, or flavorfully unless you're growing it all yourself! Also I appreciate their seasonally changing offerings, like bringing in apples, cider, and applesauce for the fall. Yum! And eggs! Did I mention the eggs?
I have been ordering for several weeks and am very pleased with all the products. My family is enjoying the milk and cheeses. The produce is very fresh and I am surprised how long the greens stay crisp. Goes to show it comes straight from the farm. The meats are excellent. So far we have tried bacon, breakfast sausage, Italian style sausage, and porterhouse steaks (husband's favorite so far). I recommended Crossroad Farms to several friends.

451 Chesnut Street Mifflinburg, PA