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Crossroad Farms was started by Holden Midkiff in 2019. Now, Holden runs the farm with me… his wife Alison (hi!). Holden has been a dairy farmer since 2013, and decided more recently to pasteurize, bottle, and sell milk directly from our farm to your family. We’re bringing back the milkman.

Holden knew from a young age that farming was the way he wanted to make his living, and when he was 19, he purchased his own herd of cows. He's grown to become very passionate about the health and well-being of his cows, caring for every calf, heifer and cow himself.

Speaking of cows… our herd is grass-fed and occasionally given a ration of grain to ensure they receive the correct nutrients to sustain the best quality of life. Everything we do on the farm is with you and your family in mind, and our care for the cows results in a product that is fresh, safe, and delicious.

I work mostly behind the scenes and am a true city girl turned farmer. When I’m not learning a new farming skill, I make sure the website works, emails are answered and orders are packed and delivered. 

It’s truly a family affair here on the farm - also found here occasionally are Mallory, and Mia & Ivy - the tiniest Midkiff, and the dogs, respectively.

In March of 2022, our family embarked on our next venture: opening a small grocery store. After outgrowing our small 16x16 retail space on the farm, we decided to take a leap and open an actual store. It’s on the corner of Chesnut and 5th Street in Mifflinburg, PA, and is aptly named The Corner Store.