Frequently Asked Question's

How Do Deliveries Work?

When placing your order, you’ll be prompted to let us know any special delivery instructions—these are very important, so please be specific! Tell us if we’re going to the front porch, side door, garage, etc., so we aren’t wandering around the outside of your house! We CANNOT leave milk and other perishables without a cooler present. The night before your delivery please place a cooler in your preferred delivery location. We will leave your order inside the cooler. If you do not have some type of cooler outside, we will not leave your order. We will contact you as soon as possible, letting you know we couldn’t find a cooler, and we can schedule a time to redeliver. Deliveries will be made between 11AM and 5PM of your delivery day.

Whats the difference between Next Day Delivery and Weekly Delivery?

Next Day Deliveries are exactly that. Except they are in a limited area and with a limited selection. Weekly Deliveries are for products that we can only get at certain times and for an expanded delivery area. Milk Subscription deliveries will always occur on Thursday or Fridays respective to your zip code.

How can I get a Milk Subscription?

Simple! Create an account on this website, so we have your Address, Contact Info, and payment info. Email with the amount of milk you'd like each week. For example: "Hi, I'd like 3 half gallons of white and 2 half gallons of chocolate." We will bill you according to your subscription order, monthly. The bonus is, There's no delivery fee for subscriptions! You can add any of our products to your milk subscription with no added delivery cost. You will be charged a bottle deposit for your first week, and any bottles not returned thereafter will be billed. Your milk will arrive on the same day each week, according to your zip code and delivery day provided on the website. Please contact us with any additional questions!

What's a Bottle Deposit?

 The bottle deposit is an additional charge to cover the cost of the glass until you return your bottle. We wash, sanitize, and reuse the glass bottles to be more sustainable. Each week you wash your bottle, place it back in your delivery cooler, and we will credit you the bottle deposit. Bottle deposits will be credited once per week. 

What is Creamline Milk?

Creamline milk is pasteurized but non-homogenized. You will notice the cream rise to the top; you’ll need to shake your milk before pouring it! We use a Vat Pasteurizer. This type of pasteurization is very low temp and does not overheat the milk. It makes for the creamiest, most wholesome milk. Store bought milk is HTST, heating it much higher for a shorter time- this gives it a cooked taste, and you’ll be able to tell the difference when you try farm fresh milk. 

What is A2/A2 Milk?

Every mammal produces the Beta-Casein Protein in their milk. Most cows, from years of commercial breeding, carry the A1 variant of this protein. Your run-of-the-mill store-bought milk is all A1 milk. A2/A2 is scientifically the natural form of the protein, and has been proven to be more digestible in humans. Goats also carry the A2/A2 protein only, which is why you've heard of babies being fed goat milk as a nutritional supplement. We genetically test the cows to find out if they carry the A1 or A2 gene, and therefore only breed and keep the A2/A2 cows. If you have had trouble with milk discomfort in the past, A2 has been shown to help!

What do the cows eat?

The cows are fed a grass forage diet with non-gmo grain to help keep their energy and nutrient demands met! Cows don't get fed corn silage ever. We don't push our cows to make more milk, we believe if we let them eat and graze as they choose, they will make a superior product, better for you!

Where does the produce come from?

All of our products are from small, family run farms. We only buy from producers that are using sustainable methods and trying to improve their products quality. The better job they do, the better food they produce.

What else do you deliver?

We carry a wide variety of local goods from area makers, bakers, and artisans! There is so much talent in raising, growing, and producing food in our area, and we love to highlight it. You can browse the store for all of these options. You'll also notice a Lewisburg Farmers Market button. We are proud to be the exclusive delivery service of the market, carrying many of your market favorites with the convenience of home delivery. For more information about the market itself, please visit

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